Overview Articles

Photobiomodulation, Mainstream Medicine Pathways
Scot Faulkner, WALT | 2023 (youtube)

PBM is Revolutionizing Healthcare 
SunPowerLED | (youtube)

Red Light Therapy Saving Lives
Citizen Oversight

Professor Endre Mester, the Father of Photobiomodulation

Secrets of Photobiomodulation Interview with Dr. Lew Lim on Vimeo
Introducing the Vielight Neuro | 2020

PBM Mechanisms Overview
Photophysical Mechanisms of Photobiomodulation Therapy as Precision Medicine | 2023

The History of Light Therapy in Hospital Physiotherapy and Medicine with Emphasis on Australia Evolution into Novel Areas of Practice
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice | 2021

Why Photobiomodulation Might be the Answer to the Opioid Crisis
Translational Research & Strategic Services – Kinexum | Newsletter Winter 2020

Low Level Light/Laser Therapy Versus Photobiomodulation Therapy
Photobiomodulation and Laser Surgery | 2015

Photobiomodulation: Innovative Treatment for Pain, Wounds, and Brain Injury
Overview Presentation to Doctors for Disaster Preparedness National Meeting | Rumble.com – Scot Faulkner | August 2022