Nursing students learn benefits of PBM as area is home to leaders in field


SHEPHERDSTOWN — With many leaders and early users of photobiomodulation in various ways sprinkled throughout the Eastern Panhandle, Shepherd University took the time to continue its efforts in the field with a recent presentation to nursing students on the benefits of light therapy and wound healing.

The university received a $2.7 million federal grant a few years ago to address rural health issues, several components being involved in the grant, including the light therapy aspect.

“PBM was discovered in 1967,” PBM Foundation’s Hon. Scot Faulkner said. “Basically, I like to say we’re warm-blooded plants. We need Vitamin D. We change color in the sun. We seem to be happier when it’s sunny versus overcast. As a result, different part of the light spectrum do different good things for the body.”

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